Brilliant Blaze partners with Talos Delivering Automation Agility

Brilliant Blaze has partner with the TechData Talos team to help our client manage complex infrastructure’s with more agility.

Moving applications across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating due to the manual tasks required to move heavy workloads in support of day-to-day business operations. With next generation deployment automation, you can significantly improve your deployment times while reducing risks and errors associated with manually configuring and deploying applications, all while setting the foundation for DevOps environment.

Talos is a middleware configuration automation tool that integrates with a variety of cloud providers and orchestration engines and is intended to automate configuration changes and application deployments across both commercial and open source middleware platforms.  Talos normalizes the way you work with middleware by avoiding the need to write custom scripts for each type of middleware thereby preventing the spaghetti scripting effect.   We have toolkits for each middleware we support that contain all the intelligence to fully extract the configuration to allow for templating in the Talos run-time as well as applying a given template back to the middleware run-time.

Check out more at the Talos Site