IBM Video highlighting the Internet of Things (IOT) and elements of the third platform.   Big Blue is making solid strides to establish a leadership role in the evolving standards associated with the Internet of Things (IOT).      

IBM and the Internet of Things (IOT)

BrilliantBlaze has committed to engaging directly with the veteran community to build the heart of our client engagement firm. We call this the veteran engagement (VET) initiative.   BrilliantBlaze, along with key industry leaders such as IBM, Salesforce, Adobe and AT&T, will provide expert training, enablement and cross-training for disabled […]

BrilliantBlaze VET Initiative

Start with Why!   BrilliantBlaze is focused on executing the “golden circle” as described by Simon Sinek.  BrilliantBlaze is focused on creating a new model for the world’s technology industry.   A focus on service as a core tenant.   A team that provides service to our clients and leadership the […]

Start with Why

Design thinking is the next evolution of agile development and is focused on the entire lifecycle of solution development.  Design thinking requires teams to focus on the look and feel of a solution as well as the functionality.   Design thinking has evolved from the extreme programming, agile development branch […]

Design Thinking

IBM has built a “born in the cloud” security solution that will provide integrated security for the enterprise and the cloud solutions being embraced by both enterprise and SMB clients.    This includes integrated access and identity management, protection against cloud-related threats in conjunction with X Force ( ) and […]

IBM Leaps into Cloud Security in a big way!

BrilliantBlaze is on a mission to shift the meaning of “the valley”.   For decades the valley has meant the “silicon valley”.   Silicon valley has brought great benefit to our society, but the time has come for a new valley.   We look forward to the emergence of a […]

The Service Valley is the new Valley