Blaze Cyber Protect

Federal, state and local agencies face a constant barrage of cyber attacks by organized crime, hacktivists and state-sponsored agents. You need an innovative defense that is strong enough to protect your networks and data as well as flexible enough to meet your needs. Brilliant Blazes’ Cyber Protect provides a dynamic new approach to security for agencies at all levels – from the corner post office to the Department of Defense. Cyber Protect offers Security-as-a-Service based on IBM’s blue chip cyber security products like IBM Qradar, IBM Big Fix, IBM MobileFirst Protect and IBM Guardium. Together, Cyber Protect and IBM provide you with comprehensive defense against complex and proliferating threats. More Flexible With Cyber Protect you get IT security your way – via our cloud, your cloud, on-premise, offpremise, the hybrid cloud or your data center. Cyber Protect’s innovative Security-as-aService approach gives your organization the options you want to deploy the security you need, whether you’re a Federal agency with a national constituency or a local government agency providing services in your community. More Affordable Subscription-based IT solutions have become synonymous with value because they lower entry costs to high quality solutions and accommodate an increasingly dynamic and mobile workforce. Because Cyber Protect is a managed security service, you can leverage IBM’s premier security solutions while spending less of your limited budget. More Resources Public sector agencies suffer from a shortage of cyber security professionals with the skills to defend networks and data. Cyber Protect provides the latest security solutions, updated continuously so agencies can deploy their valuable resources to more important tasks. Secure Your Tomorrow The number of cyber attacks continues to multiply. Cyber Protect allows you to overcome the shortage of qualified professionals and deploy IBM’s world-class security technologies in a flexible, affordable new approach designed to meet the everchanging needs of the public sector. Get the security of tomorrow so you can protect your agency today